About Quotoons™

Single Panel Comic Strip

Quotoons™ is a single panel gag comic strip inspired by popular quotes, idioms, proverbs, rhymes, song lyrics, maxims, epigrams, dictums, axioms, taglines, slang and/or pop-culture expressions, and more!   Quotoons™ are created to visually express a quote and play on or off of the quote’s meaning in a humorous, editorial or sometimes in a social commentary fashion. It depends on the quote or saying.   Quotoons™ are for everyone and anyone who reads quotes and/or comics, and that is typically everybody.


Quotoons™ can be shown anywhere a quote and/or comic is published, or in a complementary position.   Because of the wide, and many times universal appeal of a given quote, Quotoons™ not only spreads across many different subjects, but also different audiences and age groups.   Readers and followers can see a comic associated to a quote, idiom, or proverb, rather than just printed words and simplistic graphics.   Unlike memes, Quotoons™ are comics that are created and drawn to play off the meaning or jist of quote, rather than an imitation of something that has a humorous variation.


If your publication, syndication, website or newsletter needs something new, original, unique and entertaining to help increase and/or sustain readership, then consider Quotoons™ as a part of your offering.


Quotoons™ is additionally available for printing requirements such as cartoon prints, art prints, newspaper cartoons, greeting cards, desk calendars, and more.

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