Monkey on Your Back

For the last 40 years, career politicians (all of them – blue, red and purple) have been throwing money at issues with no personal or professional consequences and now U.S. taxpayers bear the burden of a 30 trillion dollar national debt (and counting). It needs to stop. It’s time to make politicians accountable for their inability to balance a national budget. 

Handing out free money has consequences called “inflation”. The larger the money supply, the lesser the value of a dollar. So, if you stop spending money you don’t have, like Congress needs to do, then you stop inflation. Did someone say taxes as well? Shit.

 “800-pound gorilla” is an American English expression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law. In this case, Congress is acting more like an “8,000-pound gorilla“, now that we’ve reached a 30 trillion dollar national debt. Sounds more like King Kong.

To have a “monkey on your back” ( an idiom ) means you have a serious problem that is making your life difficult or unpleasant or that you are carrying a burden or a problem that you find difficult to get rid of. Sounds about right.

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Published: March 23, 2022